Innovative events and team building activities

Are you looking for a partner who can take your event brief to a higher level? Innovative concepts that creates a completely new experience with a strong feeling of inclusion  – that is our strength. We represent some of the worlds finest artists within the classic field; singers and musicians, conductors and stage directors. Our network includes composers, writers, poets, actors in film and theatre, choreographers and dancers but also philosophers and scientists and many, many other  fantastic and creative individuals.

Our passion is to tell a story where your company’s challenges and visions are put in a perspective where history meets contemporary. We are passionate about conveying knowledge in an accessible and amusing way that engages the participators. That is why we seek inspiration among literary characters and archetypes, artworks, symphonies and opera, movies, theatre and other artistic areas when we create an event. Our concepts are at the same time enlightening and entertaining putting your client or prospect, your colleague or board member in the center of the story and experience.

Unexpected premises – a part of the event experience

We are sure you agree that the premise is a part of the total feeling of the event. That is why we perform our events in unexpected places. A theatre from the 1800-century, a castle ruin, a ballet rehearsal room or a gymnasium, an attic or a basement, a mansion or a parking house, a farm or a cave somewhere in Sweden or somewhere else in the world. Our network stretches outside Sweden and our local partners helps us to create an overwhelming, inspiring and amazing event that your guests will remember for a very, very long time.

Let us write your screenplay 

Bring your ideas and visions to us and let us transform them into the best event you have ever delivered. Send us an email or pick up the phone and call us; email and phone +46 8 545 805 54. We look forward to showing you the screenplay!

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