Magnus Svensson

Magnus Svensson is an extraordinarily versatile musician and a renowned profile in the Swedish music scene. He regularly performs solo recitals, for instance during a series of concerts at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, but also performs as a soloist with many notable orchestras, such as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm. Svensson is a popular accompanist and chamber musician and founder of the highly successful concert series Svenska Sopranos at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, featuring singers such as Nina Stemme, Anna Larsson and Miah Persson.

His passion for chamber music has led to a series of collaborations with singers such as Irene Theorin, Maria Fontosh, Malin Byström, Elin Rombo, Emma Vetter, Malena Ernman, Martina Dike, Ingrid Tobiasson and Jeremy Carpenter, but also prominent musicans such as the soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson and the violinist Fredrik Paulsson. He has worked closely with the Adolf Fredrik’s Girls Choir and their conductor Bo Johansson for several years, which has lead to extensive tours throughout Europe, as well as five album recordings.

Through a concert series at the Bernadotte library in the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Svensson has found an outlet for his commitment to Swedish music. He especially enjoys playing unjustly forgotten pieces by less famous composers.

Besides performing on numerous albums and radio recordings with various artists, Magnus Svensson has released three solo CD:s of his own on C&S Recordings. The first album features music by J. S. Bach (released in 2001), followed by W.A. Mozart (released in 2003) and R. Schumann / J. Kokkonen (released in 2006). All three albums received brilliant reviews. Svensson also performed the Piano concerto by Ludvig Norman (the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra with the conductor Gustav Sjökvist) on a recording from 2009, “Förklädd Gud”.

While graduating from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 1998, Magnus Svensson was highly commended and provided an award for best student. Since then, he has performed all over Sweden, but also the United Kingdom, Irland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe islands, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary Slovakia and USA. He studied piano with Stella Tjajkowski, Staffan Scheja and Dmitri Bashkirov, but also lieder interpretation with Geoffrey Parsons in London.

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