Maria Dalayman

Maria Dalayman, Managing Director, runs the daily operation of the company and is responsible for overall contacts with promoters and artists. She is originally a communications strategist and project manager and has been in the PR and advertising business since the 1980’s. In recent years she has mainly worked with public issues in the non-profit sector and cultural field, as well as in the trade and industry. Maria has a legal education and is used to negotiating and closing deals.

Work Experience

Maria Dalayman has moved in different sectors of society; business, politics, social / humanitarian sector and the cultural sector. The common denominator in her various professional roles, however, is communication.

Maria began her career in advertising world. The first employment was at the advertising agency Rolf Nedeby in Stockholm where she worked as a junior copywriter in parallell with that she was educated at Bergh’s School of Communication. From there she moved to Helsingborg in the south of Sweden and was employed at Inter Marco Farner Publicis, a French advertising agency chain. At Inter Marco Farner, she was responsible for several of the company’s major clients such as Felix (a large Swedish food company), Din X (Danish petroleum company) and Alfred Benzon drugs.

Back in Stockholm a few years later she was recruited to the agency DFS Pihlström to write for big Swedish companies such as Cylinda (household appliances) and Stjärnurmakarna (a nationwide chain for quality watches). She then went on to Torbjörn Falck Annonsbyrå working for clients such as Nordiska Kompaniet (Stockholm’s fashionable department house) and FriTeam (a sporting goods chain).

By that time Maria decided to start her own business, see below, but returned in the mid- 90s to be employed for some years. This time in a completely different social sphere.

In connection with studies in law at the University of Stockholm was Mary Dalayman employee of the Swedish Red Cross, working together with the Secretary General’s Chief Adviser on international affairs and also with the Head of Planning of a National business. During that time she was involved in the planning and implementation of the Swedish delegation’s participation in the International Red Cross Conference in Seville.

From Red Cross Maria was recruited by the Ministry of Communications and later the Ministry of Industry for the investigation “Analysis Group for review of the Estonia disaster and its consequences”. Here she participated in a very extensive investigation and had a special responsibility to identify the psychosocial preparedness and consequences of the sinking of the Estonia. She was also responsible for the seminars and hearings that the group organised and which formed a key part of the investigation process. The Secretariat conducted over 100 interviews with politicians and officials and the results were presented in two reports.

Experience as self-employed

Maria Dalayman’s first self-owned business had it’s focus on project management and copywriting. Together with her then-husband, she established the English franchising company Tie Rack in Sweden and was responsible then for PR and purchasing. She also ran for three years, a retail company focused on books, toys and furniture for children.

At the late 90s, Maria Dalayman formed a company whose mission was to provide consulting services for organizational and business development, and skills development in the areas of Marketing and PR. The company’s operations were directed against companies, organizations and institutions that consciously and actively promotes positive social development. The company cooperated in the network form with other companies and independent consultants who completed the commercial orientation.

During the seven years the company ran it’s business Maria Dalayman worked as a strategic advisor to many of the leading fundraising organizations as well as companies with a stated CSR ambition.

One of the initial tasks was to lead a large fundraising campaign for Radiohjälpen, Children of the World. As campaign manager for this she led a comprehensive, nationwide fundraising work and a big staff consisting of members from 9 humanitarian organisations. The campaign resulted in over 100 million collected Swedish crowns and she was rewarded for this with the organization FRII’s Award ” Best collector ” 2000.

On this mission followed various fundraising missions for the Red Cross, Save the Children, UNICEF and others organizations.

Together with a colleague, she took the initiative to form Climate Focus, a company whose focus was Sustainable Marketing. Climate Focus conducted a survey in the Nordic countries of people’s behavior and perceptions of the environment and climate, and based on the result offered tools and process management aimed at developing corporate promotions and communications. The company is being continued by her colleague.

From 2007/08 she has been leading Good Company Artist Management, managing nearly 50 artists: singers, conductors, stage directors and musicians within the classical field. A company that has in short time become a respected partner to promotors and artists all over the world.