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Viva Italia in Västerås!

The Twelfth Night concert at Västerås Concert Hall is an anticipated and much loved event that happens every year. This year it will be performed in a collaboration between Good Company and Västerås Sinfonietta. The evening starts with the gala concert followed by a tasteful dinner with Italian specialities. And after the dinner the dancing starts and it does not end until early next morning! Next year the collaboration continues with an other musical theme.

If you are interested in discussing a similias collaboration please contact us!

Blixt with ladies at Berwaldhallen!

Karolina Blixt is one of six women to be led by the Estonian conductor Anu Tall at a Twelfth Night Show performed at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. The other participators are LaGaylia Franzier, Sara Janfeldt, Marianne Mörck och Susanna Levonen together with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The six Womens and the Orchestra will perform two concerts with two different programs the 6th of January.